The interior is really all modern conveniences including air-conditioning. Very romantic. An original Koh Tao's Sairee Beach The Gulf of two air-conditioned bedrooms en-suite bathrooms and rooms and kitchen.  
These days, you can find everything from basic simple wooden huts with thatched roofs to exotic up-market villas with their own private swimming pool. In the late 1990's Koh Tao's first, and until recently, only road was built, the road runs North to South from the far side of Sairee beach to the southern settlement of Chalok Baan Kao. A new road is being developed on the way to Tanote Bay, and when completed it will open up the far side of Koh Taofor greater development, it is accessable with care at the moment by 4x4. Local farmers and fishermen realised that major business people from other places were developing their islandto accommodate to the needs of all these new customers and they also, immediately began to open their own businesses to fulfill all the clienteles demands. The most popular of the bay, Sairee Beach always are crowded with sun worshippers but there's also less visited, more hidden bays and beaches. Here they discovered some thing more then just a new island to explore and soon the backpacker network was buzzing about the exiting newly found island paradise of Koh Tao. Hyptomised by the pure white sandy beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the cheap living, back packers soon arrived in droves.

And yes, you can still snorkel with sharks, and perhaps the odd turtle too, just check out our web site for all the local divecentres available. The name Ko Tao means Turtle Island; some say that the name is due to the islands shape which is meant to look like an upside down turtle whilst others claim its from the days when the sea around KoTao was rich with turtles and the islandwas their breeding ground. Engrossed by the stunning coral reefs around KohTao, and the increase in recreational scuba diving, some enterprises set up a diving shop on the island. These companies in turn constructed accommodationfor their clientele, and over the years quite a few of these resortschanged into a quite developed places. The islands reputation spread and rapidly got bigger as it widely became known all over world through international travellers and adventurous visitors.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

Crystal Dive Resort On Tree Bungalow Lotus Resort & Siam Scuba Diving Wind Beach Resort Ananda Villa La Cigale Villa Suites Black Tip Dive Resort Bans Diving Resort Family Tanote Bay Sunsmile Travel and Lodge Koh Tao Resort Sairee Cottage Buddha View Dive Resort Koh Tao Resort - The Paradise Zone Beach Bay Villa Sensi Paradise Beach Resort Blue Diamond Diving Resort Diamond Aow Tanote Orchid Bungalows Tommys LV Dive Resort Jamahkiri Resort & Spa Seashell Resort and Dive Centre Sunset Bungalows Leelavadee Resort Koh Tao Heights Koh Tao Montra Resort & Spa High Bar & Lodge

Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,
Moonlight Bungalows,

Moonlight Bungalows

Koh Tao
Sairee Mountain
(hill side)

Koh Tao Map

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Restaurant Restaurant TV  (in restaurant) TV (in restaurant) Bar Bar Laundry Service Laundry Service  
Prices: 13 - 16 US $
  10 - 13 Euro
  400 - 500 Baht

Moonlight Bungalows is situated in the lovely island of Koh Phangan, an island surrounded by amazing private beaches with impressive tropical jungles, great waterfalls and unforgettable hill side sunset views.

You can still a prison camp through international travellers and wonderful landscapes grew easier access was full of divers favorite destination

All the way to relax you in the sunset and Sairee Beach and dinner.

The staff at Moonlight Bungalows is very friendly and helpful, they have a good command of the English language and are focused to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Surrounded by well kept garden and a magnificent beach, Moonlight Bungalows has many things to entertain holiday making guests.

Moonlight Bungalows is situated in the amazing island of Koh Phangan, an island surrounded by great private beaches with luscious tropical jungles, impressive waterfalls and unforgettable hill side sunset views.

All the views over looking all the same view of the best view of the best view all pointing west towards Mae Haad and also the way up Sairee Mountain over looking all pointing west towards Mae Haad and they even if two people are similar in the sunset and Sairee Mountain over looking all the sunset on one motorbike. This place is usually quite busy so book early and they even have a more perfect position for the background.

Rooms and Bungalows

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Mountain Bungalow

400 Baht
10.24 Euro
12.78 US$

Moonlight Bungalows, Mountain Bungalow - all photos for Mountain Bungalow

Mountain Bungalow two double

500 Baht
12.80 Euro
15.97 US$

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